Frequently Asked Questions

Can you only take care of my annual tax return?
Yes, if that’s all you need, we’re happy to do that. Prices start at $400 and depend on your size and requirements.

How do I know what tax to pay each month or quarter?
We calculate that for you, and send you an email explaining what you need to pay and when.

I don’t have time to spend on paperwork every month. How much do you need from me to do your job?
Once you are set up with Tax Doctor and our Xero monthly service, you don’t need to do anything. We do the work for you and let you know when there’s a tax bill to be paid. For annual tax returns, you just provide banks statements and other paperwork and we work everything out.

I’m not happy with my current accountant. How hard is it to switch to you?
You’ll simply give us their contact details and we’ll take care of the handover process.

I am way behind on my taxes – can you help?
No problem. We’ll act as your IRD tax agent and work with the IRD on your behalf to arrange payment plans and get you back on track.

What if I need something that I can’t see on your site?
We provide a wide range of services. If what you want is not covered above, then please ask us. For specialist services that we do not offer, we can also recommend other specialists.

I’m not located in Auckland. Can I still work with you?
Absolutely, many of our clients are outside of Auckland. We work via email and use cloud-based technology so we can collaborate with you from wherever you are.

Your fees are fixed. Why?
Fixed fees help you budget for the year – and ensure that you don’t receive any unexpected invoices. We’ll always agree the fees with you upfront and fix them before any work is undertaken. Then you can budget for them and not get any nasty surprises.

 Do you really provide unlimited phone and email advice?
Obviously any questions you have will vary greatly in complexity and time involved. If we can give you an answer at the time, or point you in the direction of where to find the answer, then there is no extra charge. Typically this encompasses routine business, accounting and tax advice. What is not covered will be situations where you have particularly complex or technical issues requiring a solution or more detailed advisory. For these situations, we’ll always explain to you the issues that need further investigation or time spent on them and we’ll let you know your likely costs.

 How do I get started with Tax Doctor?
Check out our Pricing packages and Services  and once you have identified the package that best meets your needs, give us a call on 0800 829 362 or email If you’re not sure which services you need just yet, that’s fine too.

Give us a call and we discuss your business needs with you.