Frequently Asked Questions

We work with Xero, Entryless, ReceiptBank, Workflowmax – to name but a few.

We are a firm of accountants offering tax accountancy services for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Sure, we have the same experience and credentials as our high street colleagues but we take a different approach.

We work online, over the phone and by post. So we’re able to offer you great service at a low price.

We provide a wide range of services which are provided outside of our monthly fixed fee packages; such as:-

  • Company set-up and incorporation
  • Annual Accounts and Tax Returns (from your own non-Xero based bookkeeping)
  • Bookkeeping and Payroll
  • Virtual Financial Controller
  • Virtual Finance Director
  • Tax Consulting
  • KPI Key Performance Indicator Development
  • Management Reports and Board Packs
  • Research & Development Tax Credits
  • Transaction Support

If what you want is not covered above, then please ask as we have a wide range of services. We are happy to tell you what we are proficient in, what we excel in, and where we would need to get other specialist help. We appreciate that we are not specialists in everything and never intend to be. Instead we focus on being really good in certain areas.

We certainly can. We’ll act as your IRD tax agent and place us between you and IRD and help you get yourself back on track.

This sort of thing comes up more often than you would think. At the end of the day IRD simply want you to file your returns and pay any taxes. As we help you to achieve this, IRD are very open to dealing with us and can be very helpful.

Well, within reason. Obviously any questions you have will vary greatly in complexity and time involved.

If we can give you an answer at that time, or point you in th direction of where to find the answer, then there is no extra charge. Typically this would cover things like routine business, accounting and tax advice. We may have already dealt with similar situations for other clients which we can show you or it may concern something in Xero that we can fix for you right away there and then.
What is not covered will be situations where you have particularly complex or technical issues requiring a solution or more detailed advisory. For these situations, we’ll always explain to you the issues that need further investigation or time spent on them and we’ll let you know your likely costs. The decision though is of course yours as to whether or not you wish to continue and incur  the extra cost involved or not.

Beware the accountants that try to hide their fees. If in doubt, always ask so that you can compare apples with apples.

Our fees are always agreed with you and fixed before any work is undertaken. Ensuring you do not receive any unexpected invoices and we also provide the facility for our fees to be spread over the year by monthly retainer.

As our pay-monthly fees are essentially annual fees broken into monthly installments it would be unfair if new businesses could join in, say, March and enjoy the full year service for the cost of one month.

So we back-date the fee to the start of trading or financial year, if earlier. This fee is then charged at the start of our relationship and effectively brings the business up-to-date with their fees.

However, in fairness, we do discount the rates charged as we don’t necessarily have the same level of costs involved in only providing services for part of the year. These costs will most likely be software costs for Xero and we shall deduct these from the charge for the prior months. That way it is fairest for you and us. If you’d like to know more then please choose a package and ask for a quote.

Absolutely, we work online ‘in-the-cloud’ and have embraced technology which allows us to collaborate with businesses such as yours.

We work with Xero, Entryless, ReceiptBank, Workflowmax – to name but a few.


Once you have identified the package you feel best meets with your requirements, do then get in touch with us either by phone on 0800 829 362 or email and we’ll run through everything you want to discuss and arrange all the set-up paperwork to be sent to you for review and approval, electronically.

We’ll also handle all the hand-over if you currently have another accountant. We simply need you to provide us with their contact details and we’ll do the rest.