Smart Tax Services for Small Businesses

Tax Return Accountant, Auckland

Are you strung out struggling to complete tax returns?

You need Tax Doctor!

We are a firm of accountants offering tax accountancy services for self employed contractor tax return, small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Sure, we have the same experience and credentials as our high street colleagues but we take a different approach.

We work online, over the phone and by post. So we’re able to offer you great tax return service at a low price.

How it Works


Get a Tax Consultant

You’ll be assigned a tax consultant who’ll help you from the start until it’s all sorted. They will work out what information needed, and will be there to answer any questions you may have.

You send us information

We’ll need some information from you. Your tax consultant Auckland manager will explain what we need as it depends on your situation. How you send this is up to you - by email, fax or post.

We sort it

Your tax manager selects all the relevant information and lets you know if they need anything further. We are the Auckland Tax Return Consultant that you can trust.

You check the return

We email you your completed tax return for you to check. You need to look through it carefully as this is what we will submit online to IRD. If you’re unsure about any of it or think it needs changing just discuss it with your tax manager.

Thank you, Tax Doctor - You made is so simple & easy for me. I would most definitely recommend you


Wow that was fast, love the electronic signature system!


Impressed by your straight forward pricing – I love not having to worry what the cost is going to be once the work is completed.


Great work – I didn’t realise most of those expenses were deductible.


Thanks, as a IT contractor your package cover everything I need.